Who we are

Born to be a leader
Bringing in years of experience and dominance into market by involving excellence and integrity into our work
Four textile tycoons came onboard to make something as legit as Palettes India.

Palettes India symbolises integrity trust hard work and expertise. We are the fore runner in the field of home furnishing and we are here to revolutionalize the market.

Started since 1998, we are experts in our field.
Our journey took off as intensive study of market and was followed by crafting the best in business.

We offer a buffet of products that caters to consumers on every level. Our products range from bedsheets and pillow covers, to quilts, comforters, and many more that make your home a haven we know it to be. You will find curated products that makes your experience even better.

Palettes India is a pitstop for clients looking into anything home furnishing. We are wholesalers at our core, which translates to providing all our customers with a range of products that far out delivers our competition. But that’s just the tip of our operational iceberg. We also work with exporters as suppliers starting from raw materials to finished products. We do customizations for supplies such as special packaging for gifting, customized sized products, and many more.

Palettes India represents the legacy, culture, heritage, and wealth of knowledge this Manchester holds. Based out of Ahmedabad, we are much like the city we come from. Inspired by our roots, we bring tradition, innovation, and consistency together for the world.

  • Vision

    To be renowned as world’s pre-eminent suppliers in quality home-furnishings.

  • Mission

    Offer an extensive and elegant range of well-designed & functional home furnishing products that drive success.

A modern day home furnishing brand
Adapting change & transitioning into crafting modish home furnishing products.

Palettes India emerged with a clear mind set of evolving craftsmanship through years. Two generation of expertise and a hint of millennial mindset makes us a perfect blend to lead the market.

Building you something even your home loves.
Stylish forever
Bold and beautifully made home product that never goes out of style
Quality Printing & Fabric
Long lasting prints on premium quality fabric is Palettes India competitive advantage
Anytime Shopping
Shop for worlds best with the medium of your choice, we are live and available for our customers 24x7
Celebration of togetherness
Market leaders on board for a cause. Revolutionalize and celebrate quality home furnishing products
Cater your needs
We cater your customized and personalized requirements and providing individual solutions
Experts at work
Years of experience at hand we brought with us epertise, excellence and elegance in our work.

Make to Order

Just a personal touch, try our customized packing that serves your requirements.Customized Corporate Packaging – for the best in business from the best in business. Give your corporate gifting an aesthetic appeal where you can gift customized


Order from around the globe and get high-quality products at your doorstep Straight out of Ahmedabad, that’s acknowledged as Manchester. You can expect the best material possible & long-lasting prints in your order.


We got a special price point for bulk and wholesale dealers. Get the best out of our diverse range of products at balanced profit margins. Get advantage of large-scale buying with us and closing on the gap between us and the retailers.